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we manufacture bespoke stainless steel products for the Classic Mini.

Many of you would have seen my Paul Smith Mini which has won numerous awards.

I also have a Mini 40 which is Mini Worlds Car of the Year 2008.  We run a family engineering business which has been going for 21 years, we pride ourselves on our quality.  Minis have always been my passion and after making several parts for my Paul Smith Mini and being asked if I could make some parts for other people I decided to create Smiffy`s Bits.

Mark Wynn-Smith Tel: 07974 566841 or 01527 873501

e-mail info@smiffysbits.co.uk

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These are the parts that are currently manufactured, however we can manufacture one off’s
(For postage and packing UK price is specified  - ALL other countries please enquire for postage costs)

Stainless Steel Brake Cover

You can see these fitted on the photo’s above.  Simply unscrew the cap, put the brake cover on and replace the cap for an instant impact on your engine bay.

As featured in Mini World
Stainless Steel Engine Fuse Box Cover to suit MPI  This simply drops on the black plastic cover that is already in place looks smart, nice and simple fit in a second.

Stainless Steel Bonnet Catch to suit MPI, this is a direct replacement. 
 (price includes stainless bolt & washer)


This could be used on other Mini’s however a 6mm hole will have to be drilled, the later MPI types were fitted in a different place.
 Stainless Steel MPI alternator guard
(price includes stainless fitting kit, nuts and washers)

This is a direct replacement for the black plastic guard that is already fitted.  Remove guard and replace it with this stainless steel one for the ultimate pose!
Mild Steel Door Shims
(set of 8)

Here we have a set of 8 x 1mm door shims.
 Ideal for getting those doors in line!

Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Nut Covers
 (set of 5)

These are CNC turned, machined and highly polished.  They screw directly over the cylinder head nuts. 
No need to remove head nuts.

These have been a roaring success in the mini scene.
Stainless Steel Radiator Cover for the MPI front mounted radiator

Simply slacken the 2 screws that secures the fan to the radiator. Slide the cover in, drop this over the screws then re-tighten screws, this hides the ugly top of the radiator.
Stainless Steel Bulk Head Blank complete with Stainless Nuts & Bolts  This plate fits on the rear bulk head. On a lot of models it is blank, some earlier models will have 1 or 2 holes for the heater hoses this is no problem to do just ask these can be supplied at no extra cost.
Stainless Bottom Gearbox Steady, complete with Polyflex (2 part bushes) and stainless centres

This is a direct replacement for the bottom tie bar. You will need to tell us which model/year etc as there are 2 different lengths.
Stainless Steel Top Engine Tie Bar, complete with PolyFlex (2 part bushes) and Stainless centres
This is a direct replacement for the top tie bar. You will need to tell us which model/year etc as there are 2 different lengths.
Stainless Steel MPI Ignition Bracket, this comes complete with every nut, bolt & washer, it does not come with wire hose bracket
This replaces the rusty bracket that is now in place, remove the old bracket including those silly Torx bolts. Replace it with this.

ALL fittings included except the wire hose bracket
Stainless Steel MPI / SPI Filter Screw Buttons  set of 3

For something different, these replace the 3 Pozidrive screws, remove the 3 screws and put the rubber washers on these and fit for an instant impact.
Stainless Steel Boot Latch Cover Plate, comes complete with stainless screws.

A Brilliant idea this hides the faded metal catch on the boot lid simply remove the 4 screws and pop this on over the top of catch and screw on with new screws job done instant shine!
Polished Aluminium MPI / SPI Air Filter Finisher

 These can be Anodised in a colour of your choice just ask an extra charge
This enhances the engine bay perfectly this fits on the end of the air filter intake, some plastics may vary so a dab of glue may be needed.


Stainless Steel Door Mounting Plate Kit.
Set of 4 plates including stainless nuts & washers.

Ideal for your rebuild why mess about with steel ones at this price you cant go wrong!

Concours judges will be impressed!

Polished Stainless Steel Brake or Clutch Cap Finisher (does not include plastic cap) 

This cap pushes onto the existing plastic white cap as per photo. Concours winner!
Bulk Head Foam Gasket  This gasket fits between the bulkhead blank and the bulkhead.
Stainless Steel highly polished Verto Clutch Bracket including every bolt and spacer in stainless.  The Verto Clutch Bracket bolts onto the clutch housing.  The slave cylinder fits onto this.  You will not be disappointed.
MPI Coolant Tank safety/instructions tag.  As close the original as possible, you cannot buy these anywhere else!
Brake Reservoir tag
Asbestos warning label
Headlight Aim label
As close the original as possible, you cannot buy these anywhere else!
All 3 items at this price can’t go wrong.
MPI Coolant Tank polished aluminium cap.

For something totally different, this simply pushes on the black cap as photo.  (black cap not included)
Horn Bracket in polished stainless steel complete with fitting kit.

As fitted to most mini’s.  A nice addition.
MPI polished stainless steel Radiator Mounting Kit, comes complete with fittings. A work of art! to enhance your mini. 
Polished stainless steel Engine Relay Covers

These fit over the standard Rover relays ie: as in photo. 
Small but beautifully formed!
Stainless Steel Coil Bracket, comes complete with nuts & bolts in stainless  Coil Bracket
This is a direct replacement for the standard coil bracket that clamps on a cyclinder head nut
Stainless Steel Door Jam Striker Plates with bolts Set of 2
Door Striker Plates These are a direct replacement for the zinc plated standard type.
Stainless Steel Bonnet Slam Plate with Stainless Bolts

Stainless Steel Bonnet Scratch Plate A Direct replacement please state imperial or metric bolts
Stainless Steel HT Lead Clamps 1 Pair.  Stainless Steel HT Lead Clamps A simple idea that looks smart

can be used to tidy up other cables.
MPI Expansion Tank Cap

MPI Expansion Tank Cap Direct Genuine Replacement Part
Expansion Tank Complete With
Tag And Cap

Expansion Tank Complete Genuine X Part Bargain!
Stainless Steel Air Vent Bezel Covers

Air Vent Bezels A Nice Addition To The Dashboard
MPI Coolant Tag As Per Cooper 500

MPI Tag Yellow As Close To Original As Possible
Melamine Mini Coasters very good quality  set of 7
(out of stock)

Mini Coasters The perfect gift!
Angled Grease Nipples correct thread

Angled Grease Nipples A must for Sportspack rear rad arms
Stainless Steel Door Escushens

Door Escushens Stop those nails from scratching your paint!
Straight Grease Nipples
pack of 4

Straight Grease Nipples For all your suspension arms
Stainless Steel Nuts and Washers
for both bumpers

Bumper Kits Why were they never fitted as standard!
Stainless Steel front subframe Tower Bolt Covers a pair

Stainless Steel front subframe Tower Bolt Covers
These fit directly over the top of the existing single bolt that holds the front subframe in, they are CNC turned like a top hat and fitted onto the head of the bolt by using no nails double sided tape (supplied)
Stainless Steel MPI Alternator Terminal Covers Stainless Steel MPI Alternator Terminal Covers
This cover hides the terminal block on the MPI Alternator cover, simply sticks on using no nails double sided tape (supplied)
Aluminium Chequer Floor Plates Aluminium Chequer Floor PlatesSet of 4 floor plates to display your pride and joy!
Stainless Steel Bonnet Stay MK 111 (bent) onwardsStainless Steel Bonnet Stay MK 111 (bent)This is direct replacement for MK 111 onwards, bent as per SPI/MPI models. These were designed on the later mini's to miss the ECU and brake servo etc
Stainless Steel Bonnet Stay to suit mini clubman (straight)Stainless Steel Bonnet Stay to suit mini clubman (straight)This is a direct replacement for the mini clubman bonnet stay.
Mini master cylinder base plate in Stainless Steel guide year only 1986-2000 please check.

Mini master cylinder base plate in Stainless Steel guide year only 1986-2000 please checkThis is a direct replacement for the metal one, this one is suitable for a mini fitted with a brake servo ie rectangle fluid chamber.
Mini master cylinder base plate in Stainless Steel Guide year yo around 1980 please check.

Master Cylinder Mounting Plate Austin RoverThis is a direct replacement for the steel one, this one normally has 2 off much the same brake and clutch reservoirs mounted.
Mini Cooper rocker cover sticker

Mini Cooper rocker cover stickerA nice copy but with chrome like badge as per original sizes
can be used anywhere!!